David del Campo

David del Campo

Madrid (Spain) 1979

Documentary photographer based in Barcelona. He began deepening in documentary photography in 2005 as a mean to get closer to every-day life stories and to the emotions of people. While studying in Madrid (Blank Paper, with Fosi Vegue) and Barcelona (El Observatorio, with Eugeni Gay and Camilla de Maffei), he took  workshops with Ricardo Cases, Luis Baylón, Christopher Anderson, Alberto García-Alix, Evgenia Arbugaeva, Juanan Requena, Javier Corso or Duae Editions among others.

Apart from his travel and street photographs, he developed the following projects: Where Memory Fades about memory in Argentinian cemeteries: Nayabasti, about local commerce in Nepal; and Bazaari, about Iranian society seen from the mannequins of the Bazaars (Photogenic Festival, Barcelona 2016); and Êzidî, about yazidi refugees in Kurdish refugee camps of Turkey.

He has developed two participatory photography projects: Desvincul-arte, in Colombia, with children recruited by armed groups (exhibitions in Barcelona), and Rupa Nepal, with orphan children of Nepal (photobook and exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona and Kathmandu).